5 Tips for Starting Your Own Foundation

A lot of people around the world donate funds to charitable organizations. You should consider starting a foundation if you want to help as many people as possible. Starting a foundation is not as easy as starting a business. Some rules govern these organizations. You should know that foundations are not exempted from paying tax to the government. The following are tips for starting a foundation.


This is the first step that you should take once you decide the purpose of your foundation. Different states have different rules, and you should check out the laws of your state. Consider hiring a lawyer if you don’t understand the incorporation laws of your state. You can also consult the Secretary of State’s office for guidance.

There are basic rules that you should follow when incorporating your foundation. Firstly, you should ensure that the name of the foundation is unique and has not been registered by another organization. Secondly, you should submit the names of your board members. You should also pay the required fees. Also, submit the draft of incorporation.

Have funding rules

You should create rules that will dictate how you will distribute funds. The rules should indicate how you will select the beneficiaries of the funds. Also, have a clear guideline on the application process and the amount of money that one can receive. Also, have application timelines for your grants. This rules will help you run the foundation smoothly. It’s better to do it at the beginning than wait until things go south.

Conflict of interest policy

It’s common for some board members to put their interest first instead of the foundation. You set up guidelines that deal with such situations.
The policy should block members who have a conflict of interest from participating in the decision-making process. Also, they should disclose their conflict of interest immediately.

Look for EIN

You should apply for Employer Identification Number that will be used to identify your foundation.

Follow the rules of the foundation

You should apply the foundation rules when selecting board members, the fiscal year of the foundation, among others.